Make Your Own Sweater Covered Pumpkins

DIY Pumpkin Sweaters

This was such a fun project! This post is jam packed full of different techniques!

I love the look of the sweater covered pumpkins for my fall decor. I had a sweater that I thought would be perfect to make some pumpkins out of.

Picking Pumpkins

I picked up two Dollar Tree foam pumpkins. I already had one in my stash but never used it because it looked so cheap. I purchased a black glittery one at the Good Will for $1.49 and a nice carvable one that someone colored all over for $1.00. It was an excellent assortment, to begin with.

I Didn’t want the orange to show through. So I gave them a quick spray with white spray paint.

Natural Dye from Onion Skins

I didn’t want all of the pumpkins to be the same color. So, I decided to dye some of the fabric pieces brown. But, I didn’t want to spend any money on dye.

I went to our local Nugget Market and asked the produce guy if I could have the onion skins from the bottom of the box. He didn’t have to think about it, and I didn’t have to explain myself. He immediately said, “Yes! Help yourself!”

I was able to collect a whole brown lunch bag full. I put them in a pot of boiling water for 30 minutes. Then, I added the sweater pieces and let them simmer for an hour. Then, I let them cool.

The Sweater

I had five pumpkins to cover. I used the sleeves for four of them. But, I really wanted to use the cable knit and buttons on the front of the sweater for one of them. So I just sewed the front closed and stitched the back closed to sort of form a sleeve.

Then, I cut holes in the tops and bottoms of the pumpkins and glued the sweaters on.

The Ribs of The Pumpkin

I used some old jute/twine that Had in my stash. I glued them at the top of the pumpkin and followed the rib around to the other side. I glued the other end to the top of the pumpkin.

The Leaves

I used some old jute/twine that Had in my stash. I glued them at the top of the pumpkin and followed the rib around to the other side. I glued the other end to the top of the pumpkin.

The Tendrils

I purchased a package of wired jute from the Dollar Tree. One package was the perfect amount.

I just curled them around a pen and added them with hot glue.

The Stems

While the onion dyed fabric pieces were cooling, I got to work on the stems.

I had this clay in my stash. I knew I had it a long time. But, I was surprised that it said 2005 on the package! I’m not a packrat, I’m not, I’m not, I’m not! Also, do you know how many houses I’ve lived in since 2005? Seven! I have packed and moved that clay seven times!

Anyway, I used the clay to make cute new stems for the pumpkins! Mrs. Wallace, my ceramics teacher at Casa Roble High School, would be proud. I think they were the icing on the cake! I love them!

The Finishing Touches

After gluing the fabric onto the pumpkins, I added the twine around the ribs. Then, glued on the leaves and tendrils. Finally, I glued on the stems. They look adorable!!!

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  • Foam Pumpkins
  • White Spray Paint
  • Sweater(s)
  • Jute or Twine
  • Polyform Clay
  • Wired Jute
  • Green Felt
  • Hot Glue Sticks
  • Brown Acrylic Paint


  • Exacto Knife
  • Scissors
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Sewing Machine (If you are need to piece the fabric together. Or, you can sew by hand.)
  • Small Paint Brush



I forgot to add the twine around the pumpkins to form the ribs. I could have left them without it. But I thought it would be cuter if I added it. So, I took off the stems and some leaves and tendrils. I added the twine and then replaced anything that I removed.

Making Sweater Pumpkins