DIY iPad Stand

DIY iPad Stand

Make Your Own Monogrammed Ipad Stand

I started using a digital planner on my iPad and thought it would be nice to have an iPad stand. So, I took some things that I already had lying around and made one. It turned out so cute!!

I had purchased an iPhone stand from IKEA, but my phone didn’t fit with the case on. So, it just got tossed aside. I had some wooden plaques from the Dollar Tree in my stash and tried out a few until I found the perfect one.

I used a leftover piece of wood and nailed it to the front so that the iPad didn’t slip off.

I wanted it to match my craft studio, so I used some leftover latex paint that matches the walls.

To finish it off, I designed an adorable monogram in Cricut Design Space. I used glitter Heat Transfer Vinyl. I ironed it onto the painted wood.

Finally, I painted one coat of ModPodge to seal it and protect it.

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  • Ikea iPhone Stand
  • Plaque from Dollar Tree
  • piece of wood
  • Wood Glue
  • Latex Paint
  • HTV
  • Nails


  • Hammer
  • Paint Brush
  • Cricut (or you can cut out your design with scissors)
  • Saw
Cricut Maker Machine


Step 1

The first thing I did was cut this piece of leftover wood down to 3 inches for the front of the stand.

cutting a piece of wood

Step 2

Next, I cut off the bull-nose of the stand from Ikea. I needed a flat surface to nail the wood to.

cutting ikea stand

Step 3

I used a little bit of wood glue and then nailed the small piece to the stand’s front. It was a perfect fit.

This gives it a little lip so that the iPad doesn’t slip off.

iPad Stand

Step 4

Next, I used wood glue to glue the little plaque to the stand. I inserted it where the phone would usually go.

(This is the view from behind.)

iPad stand

Step 5

After the glue dried, I painted the iPad Stand.

I wanted it to match my craft studio, so I painted it with the leftover sample of latex paint that I used on my walls.

painting iPad stand

Step 6

When the paint was dry, I added this monogram that I cut out of Heat Transfer Vinyl (HTV).

I ironed it onto the wood. Then, I applied one coat of ModPodge to the front of it.

monogrammed iPad stand

Step 7

Here it is holding my work iPad. It’s at the perfect angle, and it’s just what I needed! I love it!

iPad on stand


After giving the whole thing a coat of paint, the little plaque started coming apart. I think it’s just a bunch of layers of thin wood stacked and glued together.

So, I added some wood glue and some clamps, and we were back in business.

clamps on iPad stand

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