“Fresh” Lemon Juice All Year Long

“Fresh” Lemon Juice All Year Long

Want Your Lemons to Last All Year Long?

I love to have “fresh” lemon juice all year long. I use it for my homemade salad dressing to flavor my water, and when I get sick, I will boil water and add lemon and honey to soothe my throat.

I started freezing freshly squeezed lemon juice over ten years ago when my Aunt Sara let me pick lemons from her tree.

That’s when I knew that I wanted my own Lemon Tree!

One day, Superman took the day off, and we spent the day together. He wanted to pamper me, so he took me to get my nails done, and then we drove to The Home Depot, where we picked out a Lemon Tree together. It was OUR tree.

I love that tree. It is so meaningful to me. And, a bonus, our new house came with a flourishing lemon tree!

Now, I take my lemons, peel, juice, and freeze for later.


  • Salad Dressing
    • I have been using this recipe from the P90X recipe book for years! Here’s a link: 
  • Lemonade
  • Hot Lemon & Honey
  • Any recipe that calls for lemon
  • Clean with it

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  • Juicer  (I purchased my Jack LaLanne off of Craigslist years ago.)
  • Ice Cube Trays – Dollar Tree


Step 1

Pick lemons.

Bucket of Lemons

Step 2

Peel lemons.

Peel lemons

Step 3

Juice lemons.

You can use an electric juicer or you can do it by hand.

Juice lemons

Step 4

Pour juice into ice trays.

Pouring lemon juice into ice trays

Step 5

Place ice cube trays in freezer. (I left mine in there overnight.)

Ice cube trays in freezer

Step 6

Once frozen, pop lemon cubes into a gallon size Ziplock Freezer bag. 

Putting lemon cubes into ziplock bags

Step 7

Label each bag:

1 Cube = 2 Tablespoons Lemon

Then, store in freezer.

bags of lemon cubes
Bucket of lemons II


Not a blooper, but just wanted to show off my mad skillz! 😀


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