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Ribbon Bulletin Board Mini Makeover

I have had this little mail organizer with the ribbon bulletin board for years. It used to be near the entryway of my little house. It was great for dropping the mail in when coming in the front door. I don’t have a place for it in my home now.

We’re still in the middle of a pandemic, so the kiddos are doing distance learning from home. Everyone has a desk in their room. It was the perfect little piece to go over Miss P’s desk. She can hang her Zoom schedule on it and keep essential school items nearby.

This was such an easy makeover. I simply took everything apart and put it back the way I found it. This is  an excellent example of repurposing something in your home. It’s usually a lot simpler than you think.



  • Flathead Screwdriver
  • Philips Screwdriver
  • Pliers
  • Staplegun
  • Lighter


Ribbon Bulletin Board Before

Step 1

Unscrew everything and take it apart.

Ribbon Bulletin Board Makeover

Step 2

Paint the wooden pieces.

paint ribbon board

Step 3

Using your tools, remove the old ribbon and fabric.

Remove ribbon from bulletin board

Step 4

After removing the old fabric and ribbons, cover the board with your new fabric.

The foam glued to my board was GREEN. So, I had to use 2 pieces of fabric to cover it.

Staple your new fabric onto the board. I didn’t use a lot of staples. I’ll finish it off after I staple all of the ribbons in place.

Covering Ribbon Board with new fabric

Step 5

Cut all of your ribbons and lay them out on your bulletin board.

Lay out ribbon for bulletin board

Step 6

Melt the ends of your ribbon so that they don’t fray. 

Melt the ends of the ribbon

Step 7

I started with the center and worked my way out one direction at a time.

Measure equal distance between each ribbon.
Staple each ribbon to the back one at a time.

Once I was finished stapling all of the ribbons, I finished securing the rest of the fabric with staples.

Measure ribbons for ribbon board

Step 8

By now, your wood pieces should be dry.

Gather all of your pieces and start reassembling everything.

pieces to ribbon bulletin board
Ribbon Bulletin Board


Sometimes you get lucky and a project goes smoothly. This was one of those times! 

Look around your home, do you have something that you can repurpose?