My Favorite Amazon Items

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This is my all-time favorite purchase on Amazon. I love my Cricut Maker!!

Calcium Carbonate is what I use to make chalk paint.

I purchased this HTV for my Cricut. It’s a great starter package! You get all of these different colors for one low price. Instead of buying a whole roll of the same color.

I purchased this exact roller from Amazon. It was definately worth it. It’s great for getting air bubbles out when applying your materials to the Cricut mat. Or, getting air bubles out of transfer paper.

I purchased this transfer tape. It is VERY sticky. I have to stick it to fabric before using it or it is tricky to get off. I haven’t tried any other brand, so I don’t have anything to compare it to. What kind do you use? Do you love it?

Have you heard of this? I bought this off of Amazon. You can Mod Podge a mug and put it in the dishwasher! Have you ever made a gift for someone and then had to tell them they had to handwash it? They probably won’t use the item. This stuff is awesome!


These pillow inserts are great! These are the ones I used for my French Country Drop Cloth Throw Pillow Covers for my living room. I purchased two sets. I would choose these again when purchasing throw pillow inserts.

I love this blender. I bought my first one in 2014. It’s great for smoothies and protein shakes! It can handle ice well!


These Clarks Tianna dress shoes in all black leather are the BEST! I can wear them all day long, with no problems.

I LOVE this blender! I keep it in my carry-on. You can go through KCM or TSA with it. I use it on the plane to make my protein shakes with ice. I charge it on my overnights.

If you like to bring boiled eggs in your food bag, these little plastic portable egg holders are perfect! I have been using them in my food bag for awhile now. No more smashed eggs.

I use this lash perm kit. It usually lasts about a month and then you have to do it again. There’s probably enough to do it 4-5 times.

These are the headphones I use while deadheading. They drown out all the noise. Great quality. Works with our IEFB.

I purchased this 10 pack of tray clips. They are perfect for drink service. Holds your drink order paper and clips perfectly to the tray.

A must-have for your makeup. No more digging around looking for something. This stays in my roller bag. I have duplicates of everything at home so that I don’t have to unpack between trips.

Perfect to attach your KCM card to your badge.

I have these luggage tags with my Initial on them on each of my bags. Roller bag, food bag, and carry-on.

I purchase my Emergen-C from Amazon. I like these individual packs. I keep them with all of my vitamins in my food bag.

This little griddle is small enough to put in your food bag. I’ve made cookies, eggs, bacon, and pancakes with it. Perfect for traveling.

This flashlight meets FDA requirements. I keep it in my carry-on. 

This Hot Logic Mini was given to me as a gift. I don’t leave home without it. I pack my food for trips and I use this to heat it up in my hotel room on my overnight.

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